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Almost all of our speakers are made in 8 ohm and 20 ohm and with transformer as standard products. You will notice that the speaker names in all of our datasheets has a (T) in them (HP-20 T). The T in our product names means that it is is the transformer version. If you want to order a speaker in 8 ohm, omit the T (HP-20, 8 ohm).
Horn speakers can be cusomized in all kinds of impedances from 2 - 50 ohm or more.

Ask us about specialities and modifications! We can for instance modify:
  • color
  • extra gland
  • gland placement
  • volume control
  • cabling
  • transformer tapping
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During all stages of our manufacturing and production process, a fully documented and approved Quality Assurance System to ISO 9001 is imposed to ensure the highest quality throughout.
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