Explosive Atmosphere


Explosion Protection

An explosive atmosphere is built up by a mixture of flammable gases, vapours, mists or dust with atmosphere air.

if the mixture (flammable material/air) has the right ratio it can be an ignition source and create an explosion.

Factors for creating an explosion

  1. Air (or in fact oxygen in the air)
  2. Flammable material (substance)
  3. Ignition source


There are two main principles to avoid an explosion; primary and secondary precautions.

Primary explosion protection can be achieved by (when an ignition source are present):

  • Using natural or forced ventilation to llimit the explosive concentration
  • Avoiding flammable materials (substance)
  • Using inert gas in the atmospphere (e.g. Nitrogen)

If still an explosive atmosphere can be created in a area it is only one way of avoiding explosion, Ignition Control

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